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mSuite and mDesign Server



What is mSuite?

CommonTime mSuite provides the complete mobile working solution for your organization; whether you simply need to provide your workers with access to PIM and email on the move, or you want to develop an array of mobile Line of Business applications that integrate with your existing business systems.


With the flexibility mSuite provides you can rest assured that, as your requirements change, your mobile working solution can adapt with them, ensuring you always get the most out of your investment.


The level of control that mSuite offers allows your remote workers to become a more streamlined, productive workforce, while the security measures mSuite employs give you the peace of mind that all your data is safe and secure.


Version 6 is the latest enhancement to CommonTime's premier mobility solution.  It introduces many new features and benefits.



What is mDesign Server?

mDesign Server works in conjunction with CommonTime's mDesign Studio to provide a  incredibly powerful, flexible and agile mobile mobile applications development platform.


The accompanying Administration Console gives you access to wide range of administrator tools to assist with managing users, deploying applications and configuring your application system.



Getting started

Study the Installation, Introduction and Quick Start Tutorials sections to familiarize yourself with the basics of the program.
Check out all the links in the Help tab – plenty of help is available!



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