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Notes/Domino Operational Modes

You can install mSuite in 2 multi-user modes of operation.  These are called Workgroup and Enterprise.  The recommended option is Enterprise mode.


   Enterprise Mode

mSuite is installed on a machine that is running a Domino server installation.  The Domino server should have Lotus Domino Messaging Server 7.02 or later installed as a Domino Messaging server or Domino Enterprise server.

This server installation must conform to the following guidelines:

Be installed with the "Primary Domino Directory (recommended)" option.
Be installed as a Windows service and should be configured to run as a Windows service and not as a regular application.
Can be a "partitioned server."
Must have “Manager Access” with "Delete Documents" privileges on every:
1.User mail file
2.Personal address book replica
3.Personal journal replica
4.mForms application database


You can run with Read/Write (Editor) access with "Delete Documents" privileges but this can create problems with Unread Marks on earlier versions of Lotus Notes.

Usually the "LocalDomainServers" group has the required rights. You may not need to alter the Access Control List as long as this Domino server is a member of the "LocalDomainServers" group.
If the server is not a member of LocalDomainServers group, the server will require Manager access with the following rights to all of the databases mentioned above:
1.Delete Documents
2.Replicate or Copy documents


mSuite uses the Lotus Domino server ID to access Domino mail databases and other databases on other servers in your Domino domain(s).  Each user is restricted to their own Access rights.  No one can gain access privileges through the mSuite server that they wouldn’t have via a Notes client.
Normally a server installation does not have a password to allow the server to restart without prompting for a password.  If your server ID has a password, please contact us at so that we can help you configure the Password Manager to provide the password when the mNotes server starts up.


   Workgroup Mode

Only use Workgroup Mode if for some reason your organization cannot install and configure a Domino server.  Compared to Enterprise mode, it has the following disadvantages:

Workgroup will usually require more ACL changes to be made to databases than an Enterprise installation.
The Domino server, unlike the Notes Client, is intended to run 24x7 as a machine service.


mSuite is installed on a machine that has a Notes client version 7.02 or later installed.  The client installation can be a standard default Notes client installation and needs to meet the following requirements:

The Notes client installation needs to have a Notes ID file that has “Manager” access with “Delete Documents” to all of the databases that are going to be accessed via the mSuite server:


1.User mail files
2.Personal address book replicas
3.Personal journal replicas
4.mForms application databases


You can run with Read/Write (Editor) access with "Delete Documents" privileges but this can create problems with Unread Marks on earlier versions of Lotus Notes.

Must be configured to use a Local Network location.  This location must specify a valid Home/Mail server.
Must have a connection record configured to access the Home Mail server.

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