Using the MMC Snap-in

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An mSuite installation is configured and managed using the mSuite Administration Console.  This is a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in.  A link to run an instance of the MMC with this snap-in installed is created by the installer at Start > All Programs > CommonTime > Admin Console.  Select this to launch the admin console.


You will then need to log on to the console using the name Admin and the password you entered during the configuration wizard phase of the installation.  You can create additional administrator accounts if needed - see: Creating Administration and Support accounts




Using the Management Console (MMC Snap-in)


The User Interface
Inheritance and Hierarchy
Configurable Views


You can customize the MMC to include the snap-ins that you use the most frequently.  The mSuite Management console is no exception to this, just add the snap-in called mSuite Administration Console to your favorite MMC configuration.  Information on adding and removing snap-ins is included in the help documentation for the MMC.

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