Configurable Views

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The management console has two configurable views, these allow you to choose the information that you want to display in the action pane.  The two views are:


2.Administration\User and Groups (any child groups have the same capability)



   Configuring the views

1.Expand the Administration node in the navigation tree.
2.Right mouse click on Devices or Users and Groups (or any child folder of Users and Groups).  Choose Add/Remove Columns from the pop-up menu.
3.The Select Device Columns dialog allow you to select the columns to be displayed.  Expand the categories in the left hand window and when you find an item that you want to be displayed, select it in the left hand window and click the > button to move the item to the right window.
4.Item can be ordered in the right window using the Move Up and Move Down buttons.
5.Once you have selected the columns and arranged them into the right order click OK.
6.The action pane will update to reflect the changes you have made.
7.You can click on the column header to sort the display by the selected column.




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