Adding Device Users

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Self Registration (Automatic User Creation)

If you performed the Recommended installation or have configured the system appropriately, users can self register.  In this scenario, users are authorized to use the system by being members of a Domino or LDAP directory group that was either created/selected during the installation or subsequently configured.


When a user attempts to provision or connect their device for the first time, they will be prompted to authenticate using their Domino or LDAP credentials.  If they can successfully authenticate and they are a member of one of the designated Domino or LDAP groups, their account will be automatically created in mSuite and made a member of the mSuite group that has been associated with the Domino or LDAP group.


This group is pre-configured to deploy the default policies for Replication Settings, Device Settings and Security Settings and also the standard components of mSuite.  So, by being a member of this group, each user will have the appropriate settings and applications sent to their device during initial provisioning.


See also Automatic User Creation



Manual Registration

If you used the Custom install path, or have reconfigured the system not to include Automatic User Creation, please review this information: Manually Importing Users

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