Purging the Configuration Database

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Every time a device connects to the system or an alert condition occurs, information is captured and stored in the configuration (SQL) database for reporting and troubleshooting purposes.


Over time, the accumulation of this information would cause the database to grow significantly and could also impact the performance of the system.


Each day, mSuite automatically purges old data from the database in accordance with its Housekeeping Preferences.


   Housekeeping Preferences

To review or change these settings:

1.In the navigation tree, expand select Configuration and click Housekeeping.
2.In the action pane, right mouse click Housekeeping Preferences and select Configuration Wizard from the pop-up menu.
3.Click Next on the Welcome screen.
4.Set Time of day to the time that you want the housekeeping (purge) routine to run each day.
5.Set Number of days to keep reports and Number of days to keep alerts to suit your requirements.

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