Limiting EAS devices by type

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The mSuite server detects the type of EAS device that is trying to connect.  The detected device types are:


Apple iOS*
Nokia 'Mail for Exchange'
Palm webOS
Windows Mobile (includes Windows Phone 7)


Device that are not recognised as being one of the above are classified as:


Unrecognised devices



You can allow or disallow each of the above device types.  To do this, in the mSuite Administration Console, go to Configuration > Servers and Groups then double click on the server name, go to the Exchange Adapter tab, run the wizard and click Next and then Next again.  Check/uncheck the boxes to suit your requirements then click Next and Finished.


Any changes you make will only take effect when you restart the Exchange Adapter service.



*In the case of iOS devices, you can also deny access to devices that have not been 'provisioned'.  For more information, see Deny access to non provisioned iOS devices.

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