Proxy Installation

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You will only need to install the proxy separately if you have chosen an installation with a DMZ proxy.  The installation needs to be carried out on the machine that is hosting the proxy, this is a machine in the DMZ.

See Proxy configurations for more information.


Installing a Proxy


1.Run the installer CommonTime_mSuite_Installer.exe.  If you are prompted with a dialog saying that the publisher cannot be verified, click the Run button to continue with the installation.
2.Click the Next button on the Welcome screen
3.Accept the license agreement and click the Next button.
4.On the Setup Type screen, select CommonTime Proxy and then click the Next button.
5.The Proxy Configuration screen is displayed.  You must configure 2 IP addresses, 1 which the proxy uses to listen for device connections, the other is used to listen for a connection from the mSuite Connection Management Server (CMS).
6.External Listeners is the connection that listens for devices.  The IP address and port must be unique.  Devices must be allowed to connect to this address through any external firewalls.  Use the default port address unless there is a good reason to change this.  The device configuration needs to be set to this address - see Replication Settings policy.
7.Internal Listeners is the connection that listens for the CMS connection.  As long as the machine hosting the CMS can open an outbound port to the DMZ, there is no firewall configuration required.  The CMS will have to be configured to connect to the Proxy on this address - see Configuring the CMS.
8.Click Next to continue
9.Click Install to start the installation.  At the end, click Finish.


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