mSuite Preparation

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There are a number of steps which should be completed before installing mSuite. Inadequate preparation will make installation much more complex. Before starting this process, please download and review the following pre-installation guide: mSuite Pre-requisites .


The following questions should then be reviewed to ensure the machine is ready for installation:


1.Is the machine that you are going to use available and configured?
Dedicated machine available with suitable hardware specification?  See Machine sizing.
Windows Server 2003 R2 or Windows Server 2008 installed?
.Net 2.0 or later Framework installed?


Plus, if using Lotus Notes/Domino integration:

32 bit Domino server or Notes client version 7.02 or later installed and configured?  See Workgroup or Enterprise.


2.Do you have access to the SQL Server that will host the configuration database or have you installed SQL Server Express on this machine?
3.If you want Sametime support, do you know the address of your Sametime server (host and post)?
4.Choose the proxy installation scenario you are going to use.  Internet Proxy (CSC), DMZ Proxy or Local Proxy?  See Proxy Configurations.
5.Has your firewall been configured to meet the firewall requirements of the chosen proxy installation scenario?  If you are using a DMZ proxy, you will need an inbound TCP Port open through outer firewall.  If you are using a Local proxy you will need to publish a TCP port that will accept inbound TCP connections.
6.Have you chosen a method of supporting Personal Address books and Personal Journals?  iNotes, Roaming or Server replica?  See Accessing Personal Address Books and Journals.
7.Download the latest version of the mSuite software installer from the mSuite download area and save it on the machine.
8.You will need an mSuite licence key, this will be required during the installation process.  You can request an evaluation key by contacting CommonTime.





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