Importing/Exporting Applications

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The Export and Import functions are used to move application packages from one mSuite system to another.


Exporting an application as a .pkg file

To export an existing application package:

1.Expand Applications > Applications Packages and the package itself.
2.Select the version then, in the right hand pane, right click on the relevant device profile and use All Tasks > Export Application Package
3.Choose a location and click Open.  A file with the extension .pkg will be created in the chosen location.
4.Repeat the process for all required device profiles.


Importing a .pkg file

To import a previously exported application package (.pkg file), you must first create a new (empty) application package and version.  You can then import the .pkg file into this package/version:

1.Create an application package and version:
a.Expand the Applications node in the navigation tree, then click on Application Packages - you can see all of existing Application Packages.  Out of the box, these are the mSuite packages.
b.Right mouse click on Application Packages in the navigation tree and select New > Create a New Application from the pop-up menu.
c.This launches the Application Package Wizard, click Next on the Welcome page
d.On the General page, enter a name for your Package, enter a Priority - priorities are used for sequencing packages, a lower number get installed before a higher number so you can use this to control dependencies between packages by making sure that dependent packages have a higher priority number than things they depend on.  Click Next to continue.
e.Now you have to choose a Version for your application.  You can have multiple versions of an application but only one version can be deployed to a particular user/group at any time.  Click Next to continue.
f.Select any Device Profile from the available list (you will need to delete this later so it doesn't matter which one you chose).  Click Next > Next and then Finish.
2.Expand Application Packages > [your package] and select the version.
3.Look in the right hand pane.  If the device profile already exists (for the .pkg file that you're about to import), right click it and Delete it.
4.In the left hand panel, right click on the version and use All Tasks > Import Package then click Next.
5.Select the .pkg file and click Open.
6.On the 'Device Profile Settings' page, select the Device Profile and, optionally, check the Install Later box.  (Install later instructs the package installer on the mobile device to wait until the communications session is complete before installing the package.  In general, this is not required.)  Click Next.
7.On the 'Create a valid Component set' page, make any required changes and click Next and then Finish.
8.Repeat the process for all required device profiles.



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