Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) devices

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mSuite provides email/PIM synchronization and enterprise device management/security support for an ever increasing range of Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) capable devices including iOS, webOS, Android, Nokia 'Mail for Exchange', Windows Mobile 6.1/6.5 and Windows Phone.


No mSuite client software is required, instead the implementation uses the built-in Outlook and ActiveSync clients on the device.


In the illustration above, the communications infrastructure utilizes the mSuite infrastructure with the clients communicating directly to the Enterprise Proxy.  This is an HTTP/HTTPS connection, all HTTPS and HTTP traffic is routed to the Exchange Adapter service running on the mSuite server.


Alternatively, EAS devices can connect via the CommonTime Switching Center (CSC) infrastructure which simplifies configuration and reduces firewall requirements.

Note: Use SSL when configuring the clients to ensure that over the air data is fully encrypted during transmission.



Multiple mail accounts on one device and/or the same mail account on multiple devices

The EAS process requires sync information for each 'folder' to be maintained for each user.  A consequence of this is that each mSuite user account must only be in use on one mobile device at any time.  So, if two or more devices need to sync the same Notes/Domino information, they must use separate mSuite accounts to do this.


Failure to do this will result in data repeatedly being removed from the device and reloaded from the server - every time a different device tries to sync the same information using the same mSuite account.


From 5.18 onwards, it is possible to limit each mSuite user account to a single device.  When this feature is active, if a user tries to connect with a different device than the one they previously used, they will fail authentication and so will not be allowed to access the system (from that device).  For more information, see Limiting users to a single device.





A.User "A" needs to operate two EAS devices (e.g. an iPhone and an iPad).
Two separate mSuite accounts must be created (let's call them "A1" and "A2").  Both accounts will reference the same Lotus Notes name & mail database.  The first device is configured to use the "A1" account and the second device uses the "A2" account.
B.User "B" has one device but needs to sync two Notes mail files - his/her own and a shared one.
User "C" also has one device and also needs to sync the same shared mail file in addition to their own mail file.
This requires a total of four mSuite accounts - one for "B", one for "C" and two for the shared mail file - let's call these other two mSuite accounts "S1" and "S2".  They are separate mSuite accounts that both refer to the same Notes user/mail database.
User "B" will configure their device to use accounts "B" and "S1"
User "C" will configure their device to use accounts "C" and "S2"



EAS device support

Nokia 'Mail for Exchange'
Windows Mobile 6.1/6.5
Windows Phone


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