Configuring a proxy to listen on multiple ports

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Some devices (particularly Android devices) only use fixed TCP ports (80 for non SSL and 443 for SSL) to connect to the server.  If you already have other devices (e.g. Windows Mobile, Symbian) connecting on other ports (typically 1700 or 605) you will need to configure your proxy to listen on multiple ports.  To do this:


1.Make sure you have the relevant ports open in your firewall for inbound TCP connections.
2.Run REGEDIT and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Commontime\ConnectionProxy\ExternalListeners\TCP
3.Edit the Port value.  Enter each port on a separate line.
4.Edit the Address value.  Enter one address for each port.  Even if you are using the same address for all ports, you must still enter the address multiple times - once for each port.
5.Restart the Proxy service.

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