Revoking Day Tickets

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When a user's device successfully authenticates, they are issued with a day ticket.  The duration of this ticket is defined in the configuration of the Authentication Server - see: Authentication Server


The purpose of the day ticket is to improve usability in scenarios where the user is not allowed to save credentials on the device as part of the security policy.  mSuite will only make the user authenticate when the day ticket expires.  Should you need to, you can revoke the day ticket held by a device and force the user to authenticate again.


 Revoking day tickets

1.Expand the node Users and Groups in the navigation tree.  Expand any lower level groups until you can see the user's name in  the action pane.
2.Right mouse click the user in the action pane and choose All Tasks > Security > Revoke Day Tickets.
3.A message box is displayed asking you to confirm the action.  Click OK.
4.The next time the device connects, the user will have to authenticate again.


Note: If a user's password has been compromised and subsequently changed, revoke that user's day ticket to make sure that they have to use the new password to reconnect to the system.

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