Creating new users

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Normally you will use self registration (see Automatic User Creation) or import your users from Active Directory, the Domino Directory or an LDAP server (see Importing Users).  In some circumstances, it may be convenient to create users directly in mSuite/mDesign Server.  Normally this will be to add more administrators to the system.


1.In the navigation tree of the console, expand the Administration node.
2.Select the group which you want the user to belong to and right mouse click on that group name in the navigation tree.
3.From the pop-up menu, choose New > User.
4.Complete the New User Dialog
Note:  If the user you are creating is going to be a device user, you must provide the Lotus Notes Name.  This should be the Full Name, e.g. Peter Plimsoll/AcmeInc
5.Press OK to save the new user.
6.You can now edit the user and set any additional properties that are required.  Just right mouse click the user's name in the action pane and select Properties from the pop-up menu.




The user will inherit Applications, Policies and Settings from the group hierarchy, so if you have given due consideration to the structure of this, you will not have to edit an individual's properties.
If your newly created user is going to be an administrator rather than a device user, check the box Use mCenter authentication and associate the user with the appropriate roles - see Roles.

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