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Maintaining the security of the system is critical.  mSuite is designed to be fully secure 'out of the box'.


Multiple authentication methods allow you to fit mSuite into your existing proven security infrastructure.
Authentication can be further strengthened by incorporating secondary Domino authentication.
Self generated certificate - during installation, the system generates a unique self signed x.509 certificate for server validation.
Full mSuite clients (available for WM and Nokia Symbian S60-3 devices) use end to end AES 256 bit encryption for 'Over The Air' communication.  Exchange ActiveSync clients (e.g. iPhone, Android, Palm webOS) use SSL.
Day tickets ensure that the right balance can be reached between usability and security.
On device security - you can implement and enforce a password policy that specifies elements such as device lock time and password characteristics.  For devices that support it, a security policy can also be used to enforce encryption of device data.
Remote Kill - this capability allows you to send a notification to a lost or stole device to instruct it to hard-reset, wiping all of the data stored on the device.
Devices can also be blacklisted and should a blacklisted device make a connection to the mSuite system, it will be immediately instructed to hard-reset itself, obliterating any data stored on the device.
mSuite can send and receive Domino encrypted mail.


Be aware of these elements and the system will stay secure.




Lost or Stolen Devices
Day Tickets
Security Policies

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