Rebuild from dead

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Applies only to Windows Mobile and Symbian S60-3 devices that are running the "mCenter" client.

Sometimes a device has to be hard reset or loses all its contents.  mSuite allows you to get these devices operational again quickly and efficiently.  This process is called "rebuild from dead".


In this scenario, all that is necessary is to re-provision the device.  This process will:


Restore the mSuite application and policies.
Restore the Settings that the user had configured - the 'working set'.
Restore any third party applications that were deployed
Restore any mForms applications that were deployed to the user.
Restore the user's mail, calendar, contacts, tasks and journal.


The following will not be restored by the rebuild from dead process.


Applications that were installed outside of mSuite.
Customizations such as ring-tones.
Data that was not replicated to Notes.


See Provisioning Devices

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