Adding Administrators

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When the system is installed, a single administration account is created.  This is the 'Admin' account.  Normally you will need to create additional administrator accounts, you can use Roles to control the actions that each administrator account can perform.

You must create the administrator accounts as users in the mSuite/mDesign Server system, see creating new users and importing users.


We recommend that administrators are always configured to use mCenter authentication.  This prevents the admin accounts from being locked out if you change or accidentally mis-configure the authentication mechanism.  To configure this option, in the navigation tree expand User and Groups, and navigate to the group that contains the user.  Users are displayed in the action pane, right mouse click the user name and select Properties from the pop-up menu.  Go to the General page and check the box marked Use mCenter Authentication.  Click the Apply button.


Now add your administrator to the appropriate Role see Configuring Roles


Note: The Use mCenter Authentication setting only applies to connections from mSuite/mDesign Server administration consoles.  Whenever a user connects from a mobile device, the authentication method that is configured for the system as a whole is the one that will always be used.

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