Managing Services

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Checking the status and resource utilization of each service

To view the status and/or resource utilization of any service:


1.Expand the navigation tree to display the Monitoring node.
2.Now expand Status to display the servers that are being monitored.
3.If the server that you are interested in does not appear in the list, right mouse click Status then click Select Monitored Servers.  Click Next then select the server(s) to monitor.  When ready, click Next and then Finish.
4.Select the server in the navigation pane.  The action pane will now display the status of each of the services for the selected machine together with their current usage of Memory, Virtual Memory, Threads, Handles and CPU resources.
5.To Stop, Start or Restart any service, right mouse click the service in the action pane and choose the desired action from the pop-up menu.


Note: Some services depend on other services - so, restarting one service may cause other services to restart as well.  For example, restarting the Connection Manager Server will cause all other services apart from the Configuration server to restart.


Real time usage information

Real time usage information is available for some of the services.


1.mNotes Server: double click it to show user sessions currently in progress.  Double click a session to see the session details.
2.Notification Server: double click it to show Users then double click Users to see how many notifications have been delivered to each user and the date/time of the last delivery.
3.Configuration server: double click it to show database connections and usage statistics.
4.Chat server: double click it to show current sessions and statistics by user.

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