Device Management Server

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What is the Device Management Server?

The device management server is the system component that is responsible for determining what software and settings need to be applied to a user's device, and then building the configuration and delivering it to the device in a Device Management session.


       Configuring the Device Management Server

1.Expand the configuration node in the navigation tree and select Servers and Groups.  The action pane will display the configured servers.
2.Right mouse click the server and select Properties from the pop-up menu.
3.Select the Device Management Server tab.  It will highlight the currently active template, which is normally the default template that we recommend not be altered.  Click the Configuration Wizard button - with the magic wand icon.
4.On the Welcome screen, make sure that the box Run the Device Management service is checked and then click the Next button.
5.Set the Minimum interval between deployments (in minutes) field to the appropriate value.  Note that the timing of Device Management sessions is determined by the server but randomized by the client.  If the minimum interval is set to 1440 minutes, this means that the next Device Management session will take place anywhere between 1440 and 2880 minutes after the previous one.  This helps to ensure that the system will not be flooded by multiple devices all trying to update at the same time.
6.Click Next.
7.On the completion page, you have the choice of saving the settings as a new template or updating the existing properties.  You will normally update the existing properties - the default settings.  Templates are advanced configuration and you should only use them if instructed by CommonTime support.
8.Click Finish to end the wizard.

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