Creating and Running Reports

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Though mSuite has many standard reports, they are not configured to run unless set up by the administrator.  This topic describes this process.


       Report Job Creation

In the administration console, go to Monitoring > Reporting > Report Jobs.  'Out of the box', no reports are configured to run.  A Report Job can include one or more separate reports.  To create a new report job:

1.Right click on Report Jobs then New > Report Job and click Next on the Welcome screen to begin the configuration.
2.On the Report Jobs General Settings screen, in the Name field, enter a meaningful name.  This name followed by the date and time that the report was run will form the name of the report once it has run (e.g. my_report 2008-10-10 15:33:32).  You must enter a Name to create a report job.
3.The Description field is optional.  Use it to describe the report job being defined.
4.Optionally, click the Schedule... button to assign a schedule to your report job then select the appropriate frequency (Daily, Weekly or Monthly).  By default, the schedule is set to Never and so will only run when manually invoked.  Click Next to continue.
5.On the Report Job Selection Settings page, the left hand pane contains a list of the available reports.  They are broken down by functional areas to include Framework Configuration, Framework Usage, Licensing, mControl Asset Reports and Security.  Click on a functional area to see the reports that are available  in that area.  Select each report that you want to include in your report job and press the > button to put them into the right hand pane.  Press the < button to remove reports no longer needed and press the << button to clear all selected reports and start the selection process over.
6.Once all desired reports have been put into the right hand pane, you need to set parameters.  Starting at the top of the list of selected reports in the right hand pane, select each report.  If the Parameters button become active, there are parameters to be set for that report.  Click the Parameters and set the parameters to suit your requirements.  If the parameters button is grayed out, that report has no configuration necessary/possible and you can move to the next report in the list.  Once you have set parameters for all the reports in the list, click Next to continue.
7.On the Completing the Report Job Wizard page, you need to choose the date period for the report and whether you want to run the report now and/or save it. Choose Run Only, Save and run or Save only.  Saved reports can be selected to run again at a later time.  To find out more about running a saved report, click here.  Set the From and To dates to define the reporting period and click Finish to complete the wizard.

For information on viewing reports, click here.


       Modifying an existing report

To modify an existing report, go to Monitoring > Reporting > Report Jobs in the left hand pane.  In the right hand pane you will see a list of the report jobs defined on your server, right mouse click on the report job you wish to modify to launch the configuration wizard and step through it making the changes as desired.

For more information on defining report jobs click here.


       Running an already defined report

To Run an existing report, use Monitoring > Reporting > Report Jobs in the left hand pane.  In the right hand pane you will see a list of the report jobs that have already been defined.  Right mouse click on the report job in question and select Configuration Wizard... to launch the wizard, step through it to the last page. Select the Run option and enter the From: and To: dates then press Finish to run the report.

Please click here for information on viewing your report.


       Viewing your reports

To view a report, go to Monitoring > Reporting > Reports in the left hand pane.  In the right hand pane you will see a list of all reports they have run in the format ReportName – YYYY-MM-DD Timestamp.  Select the report you want to look at by double-clicking on it.  This will open your web browser and load the report data into it.  Depending on your browser settings, you may have to allow commonly blocked content to run in your browser to view the report.  To do so, click on the browser information bar and select Allow blocked Content.

For information on creating a report job click here.


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