Rebuilding/migrating an mSuite server

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Are you prepared?

To prepare for a server rebuild/migration or for disaster recovery planning, please follow the instructions in Important Post Installation Steps.



Using the mCenter Recovery File for disaster recovery or migration

IMPORTANT: you must complete the first 5 steps below before you install the mSuite / mDesign Server software.


1.Install the mSuite/mDesign Server certificate into both the 'Personal' and 'Trusted Root Certification' certificate stores on the machine.  Click here for more information.
2.If SQL Server (Express) will be on the same machine as the mSuite/ mDesign server software installation, install SQL Server (Express) and restore the backup of the mSuite / mDesign Server database.
3.Copy the cdzconfigsvc.exe (the one that you created in step 4 above) to the C:\ drive on the machine where mSuite will be installed. (It is recommended that you are logged onto the server with the same Windows account that you will use later when you install mSuite.)
4.Copy the mCenter Recovery file (.mrf) to the same location.
5.Using a command prompt, type cdzconfigsvc.exe followed by the appropriate parameters – all of which are case sensitive!  For a full list of parameters, type Cdzconfigsvc.exe -? at the command prompt.









The command to be executed. The only option is: recover-server

Always required



The SQL Server to which the connection will be made

Always required



The database to which the connection will be made

Always required




The database account to be used


Required if database uses SQL Authentication



Password for the database account


Required if database uses SQL Authentication


Windows authentication

For Windows authentication, set this to 1

Use when SQL database uses Windows Authentication




The name of the recovery file to be used


Always required


old netname

The network (NetBIOS) name of the “old” server record.

Always required


file password

The password with which the recovery file is encrypted

Always required



Sets the authentication server to listen on all network interfaces

Use this option if the ‘new’ machine has a different IP address


mCenter authentication

Use mCenter authentication for this authentication server

Use this to reset the authentication method to ‘mCenter’


admin user

The name of the admin user whose password you wish to change

Use this to change this user’s mCenter password


New admin password

The new password for the specified admin user

Use this to specify the new mCenter password




Note: If any file paths/names contain spaces, enclose the whole path\filename in quotation marks. e.g. –f “C:\recovery file.mrf”  


Example of a complete command line:



c:\cdzconfigsvc.exe –c recover-server –S "sqlserver\instance" –d "mSuite" –W 1 –f "C:\RecoveryFile.mrf" –n "oldservername" –p "password" –A





5.Now install mSuite / mDesign Server on the 'new' machine.  Only use the Recommended installation option if the SQL (Express) server and database are on the same machine that you are installing mSuite / mDesign Server on.
6.Create a new recovery file using the procedure described in Important Post Installation Steps and make a new database backup.
7.Delete cdzconfigsvc.exe and the .mrf file from the C:\ drive.


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