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What is an mForms selection formula?

This is a Lotus Notes formula that can be executed to select a subset of documents in a database.  mForms application definitions use these to select documents to send to mobile devices.  They are similar to Lotus Notes view selection formulas - the only difference being that, in mForms, the SELECT keyword should not be used.  For example, if you want the mobile device to receive all documents that have a form of "My_Form", a suitable mForms selection formula would be:


@Lowercase(Form) = "my_form"


   Defining an mForms Selection Formula

1.Expand the Applications node in the navigation tree, right mouse click mForms Selection Formulae and choose New > mNotes/mForms Formula.
2.This will launch the mNotes and mForms formula Wizard, on the Welcome screen, press Next to continue.
3.On the General Settings enter a name for the formula, the type of the formula in this case should always be Selection Formula. Check the Active checkbox. Optionally you can enter a description of your application.  In the field formula you need to enter the selection formula constructed in the Notes @Formula language.  This will be validated when you press the green ü button to the right of the Formula window.  Make sure that the formula validates before you click the Next button to continue.
5.Click Finish to complete the procedure.  The application can now be deployed.

See Defining mForms Applications for information on how to configure an mForms application to use a formula.



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