Lotus Traveler Support

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mSuite Version 5.05.00 and later include built in support for Lotus Traveler.  You can use mSuite to:


Provision devices with Traveler using the mSuite provisioning portal.
Control and manage Traveler device policy.


Activating Traveler Support:  Traveler support is enabled when the Traveler device packages are built.  If this step is not carried out, the Traveler configuration is hidden.

Note: Do not run mNotes and Traveler on the same device as this will result in duplicated or lost data.


    Importing Traveler device software

1.In the navigation pane, right mouse click on the node with the database instance name then Select All Tasks > Lotus Traveler Configuration from the pop-up menu.  This will execute the configuration wizard for Traveler.
2.Press Next on the first page of the configuration wizard.
3.Enter the location where Traveler has installed the device CABs, and then press Next to continue.  The CAB files will be imported and the appropriate Application Packages created.
4.Select the language that you wish to use - you can import other languages if required.  Click Next to continue.
5.Enter the server and port address that the Traveler clients will connect to, press Next to continue.
6.mSuite will now configure the Traveler software, build the packages, build the policy and deploy them to the Lotus Traveler group.
7.You will find a new group called Lotus Traveler, if you examine the properties you will see that the newly created Traveler application packages are deployed - remove the mNotes client from the deployed applications as it will not be required if you are using Traveler.  If you examine the Policies page, you will see that the Traveler policy is also deployed.
8.If you add users to the Lotus Traveler group, Traveler will be deployed to them.

    Setting Traveler Policy

1.In the navigation pane, select the node Polices > Lotus Traveler Settings.  The action pane will display the available Traveler policies, by default there will be a single entry called "Default Traveler Policy", right mouse click this and select Configuration Wizard.
2.Click Next on the first page.
3.Click Next on the page with the name of the policy.
4.Set the Policy on the Policy setting pages - refer to the Lotus Traveler help for information on these settings.
5.Click Next and then Finish to complete the wizard.

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