File Replication

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Setting up File Replication has three steps:

1.Creating a File Replication Area.
2.Adding the File Replication Area to an active File Replication Server.
3.Deploying the resultant File Replication package to users as if it were a regular Application Package.


       Creating a File Replication Area

1.Expand the navigation tree to display the Configuration node.
2.Right mouse click on File Replication Areas and select New > Create a new file replication area from the pop-up menu.
3.Click Next on the Welcome screen.
4.On the General Settings screen, provide a name for the File Replication Area.
5.For Source path, use the Browse... button or enter the path and name of the folder that contains the files that you want to replicate to the devices.
6.In Target Path, enter a file path that will be created on the devices.  The files will be replicated into this folder on the device.
7.In the Device Profile drop down, select the type of device that this File Replication Area is relevant to.

This currently only works with Windows Mobile devices.  Also, if you want to replicate the same Source path to different device types, you must set up a File Replication Area for each device profile type.

8.The Remove deleted files after fields control when contents deleted from the Source path will be removed from the devices.
9.Click Next and then Finish to complete the definition.

A new Application Package (with the same name as the File Replication Area) will now appear in the navigation tree under Application > Application Packages.


  Adding the File Replication Area to the File Replication Server

See Configuring the File Replication Server


   Deploying the File Package to users

As soon as the File Replication Server detects the new File Replication Area, versions called Current and Old will be created for the Application Package.  The Current version is the one that must be deployed to the target users or groups of users.

1.In the navigation tree expand Administration.
2.Expand any sub groups until you can see the Group or User that you want to deploy the File Replication package to.
3.Right mouse click the selected user or group and select Properties.
4.If you are working with a user, make sure that the Show Advanced box is checked to display the advanced properties.
5.Select the Applications tab.
6.Click the Add button to the right of the Deployed Packages window.
7.From the list of Packages, select the file Replication Package - this will be the name that you gave the File Replication Area with a suffix of Current.  (Do not select the package with the Old suffix).
8.Click the Apply button.
9.When this user or the group's members next synchronize, their device will received the files that have been deployed to them.


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