Data Replication Server

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What is the Data Replication Server?

The Data Replication Server is one of two server-side components used by mDesign.  It synchronizes applications and data with Windows Mobile devices running the 'native' mDesign client.  This service is only required if you are using mDesign.


       Configuring the Data Replication Server

1.It is strongly recommended that you do not change the configuration of the Data Replication Server unless advised to do so by CommonTime Support.
2.Expand the configuration node in the navigation tree and select Servers and Groups.  The action pane will display the configured servers
3.Right mouse click the server and select Properties from the pop-up menu.
4.Select the Data Replication tab.  It will highlight the currently-active template, which is normally the default template that we recommend not be altered (Default Data Replication Settings Template).  Click the Configuration Wizard button - with the magic wand icon.
5.On the Welcome screen, make sure that the box Run the Data Replication Service is checked and then click the Next button.
6.The General Settings page allows you to configure the TCP ports that the Data Replication Service will use.  The default is to listen on all interfaces on the current machine "*" on port 611.
7.Press Next to continue.
8.The next screen display the Application List.  If mDesign is not installed, the list will be empty.  If mDesign is installed, the list will contain one item - the mDesign plug-in.  You are strongly advised not to use the Add or Remove buttons.
9.Click Next to continue.
10.Click Finish to complete the wizard.



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